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  • Place : Sathira Dhammasathan
  • Address : 24/5 Moo 8 Soi Watcharapol, Ramintra Road, Tha Raeng, Bangkhen, Bangkok
  • Open Days : Everyday of Week
  • How To Go : Driving Car, Taxi or Public Transportation via Ramintra Road until reach Soi Watcharapol then will find the Sathira Dhammasathan Center

On 19 January 2014, I had a chance to visit SATHIRA DHAMMASATHAN for my first time. I had been heard about this famous Temple for a long time, but never thinking to visit this place before until this day in the reason of taking my close friend who was pregnant for three months to register for Parent School to study the Dharma and Directive for being a good parent and having a good life. We believe that a Fetus can be a good baby and good child in the future if the mother listens Dharma since being the fetus and being a good child by directed from the good parents who believe in the Religious Doctrine and Philosophy.

Formerly, I need to say that I have never believe in or study the way to do which educated by SATHIRA DHAMMASATHAN and never thinking to visit there before, but you know... suddenly, I stood in the area of the temple "SATHIRA DHAMMASATHAN", wonderful feeling happened to me from that moment time until now.

 Impressively, SATHIRA DHAMMASATHAN is Peaceful Scene,Full of Fresh Tree and many Rocks around the Temple. The rocks made for seats that look natural more than the table made by wood. The thing that I love the most is the Mossy Rocks and Cool Ice which made by fumed Machine all day. When we walk around the temple, we will feel like living in the Heaven.

SATHIRA DHAMMASATHAN is clean and well-organised. The founder and director of Sathira Dhammasathan is Mae Chee (Nun) Sansanee Sthirasuta, a Buddhist Nun. Many Thai and people around the world know this temple because the NUN "SANSANEE" who is the famous nun and well-known to Buddhist. 

As above photo, the parents and their children were listening to Mae Chee Sansanee's teaching. The established principle of Mae Chee Sansanee is  the way to teach their children to be a good man. I think that what she said can be applied in the normal way of living and easy to do with happily.

After listening to Mae Chee Sansanee's speech, I took time to worship The SARIRA or SHARIRA and walked around Sathira Dhammasathan area to touch the fresh natural.


The time pass by so fast I think, I did not think about the time when living in SATHIRA DHAMMASATHAN, however, Time to back home had come, I wish to visit here again I promise myself. ^__^

Hope you all enjoy my blog. Good Luck!

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